Competition rules

The following apply to all competitions in Club magazine.

1. The monthly competition draws are conducted by Lewis Stores (Pty) Limited staff in conjunction with their internal auditors.
Club members are automatically entered into all quarterly benefit draws. Club members are also automatically entered into the Superdraw.
Entry is free and is limited to one per person, per competition.
Winners will be chosen by way of computerised random draw.
The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
6. All winners will be notified in writing and announced in the Summer 2017 issue of Club Magazine, as well as on the Club website, Winners’ names will also be available on LCS at your branch of Lewis, Best Home and Electric or Beares.
7. Unless otherwise stated, prizes are not transferable and may not be exchanged for cash.
8. All prize monies, other benefits and prizes are provided by Lewis Stores (Pty) Limited, unless advised to the contrary.
9. Prizes will be delivered to winners by Lewis.
10. If you are: (a) employee or agent of, consultant to, or the marketing service providers of Lewis, a director, member, partner; or (b) a spouse, life partner, child, brother, sister, business partner or associate of a person contemplated in (a), you may not participate in the competitions.
11. A copy of these competition rules is available on the Club website,, or through the Lewis Customer Services toll free number on 0800 22 05 08. This line operates from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
12. Club members may win any of the available prizes and are not guaranteed to win a specific prize. Non-Club members are eligible to win only the prize for which they enter.
13. Winning customers must sign that they received their prize, and in so doing agree that their name and photo may be used for promotional material.
14. You cannot win again within a six-month period of winning a previous prize.
15. The next draw will take place in November 2017. Non-members wishing to enter the draw must submit their entry by SMS (see below).
16. By accepting a prize or by entering this competition, you hereby indemnify Lewis Stores, its directors, agents, employees and sponsors against any damages that anyone may suffer as a result of the prize(s) and/or this competition.

If you are not a Family Club member, follow this procedure to be entered into the draw: SMS your ID number, your name and surname, followed by the keyword for the prize you are entering for. Keywords: To win in the Superdraw, use GRAND. To enter for furniture, use FURNITURE. To enter for the car, use CAR. For example, your entry should look like this: 6301023056079, Joe, Bloggs, CAR. Send your SMS to 45315 by 10 October 2017.


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