Baked potato with spiced yoghurt and bacon bits

We love this simple dish because it is so tasty and it couldn't be easier to make after a busy day at work. Serve with a simple green salad.

6-12 potatoes
8 bacon rashers
½ tub plain yoghurt
3 spring onions, thinly sliced


1. Sprinkle the potatoes with salt and prick the skins with a fork.
2. Place the potatoes on a baking sheet and put them into the oven at 200ºC for one hour.
3. Grill the bacon until golden and crispy and break into pieces.
4. Add some paprika or any other spice of your choice to the yoghurt for flavour.
5. Before serving, cut a cross on the top of each potato and open them up to add the spicy yoghurt. Sprinkle with bacon and spring onion and season with salt and black pepper.


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