Thursday, 4 January 2018

Family time

Experts reveal the six ingredients to a happy, successful family life:

Secret 1: Communicate
Frequently, families are set up where everyone talks to the mother and she sends on the messages on behalf of the others, but in a happy family all the family members are able to communicate openly with one another.

Secret 2: Put the marriage first
Set a real example of love. There are many families where kids always come first, but they become substitute providers of love, which is an unfair burden to put on a child.

Secret 3: Break bread and play together

Families that eat and play together, stay together. Family dinners are essential because it's a time to connect. Have a few other activities that the family also does together on a regular basis.

Secret 4: Don't work too hard
All work and no play does worse things to a family than make it dull. If you don't prioritise your family, your children will start to believe they're not as important.

Secret 5: Build and honour traditions

Traditions tend to bring family members close together because they give a sense of belonging. They can be unique to your family, such as a weekly pizza night, or a family song.

Secret 6: Keep your voices down

Children thrive on stability and having a calm environment at home. Set rules for your kids, and punish them when necessary, but don't lose control – it shows you are out of control of the situation.

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