Eat more fish

Although no single food alone can make a person healthy, eating more fish is one way that most of us can improve our diets. The experts recommend that you eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids twice a week. Here are some tips to help you add more fish to your diet:

• Start slowly by substituting fish or shellfish for another type of meal each week. Once that is an established part of your eating plan, increase to two seafood meals per week.
• Try marinating and grilling fish "steaks". Grilled fish kebabs are a tasty option if you choose firm-fleshed fish such as kingklip or tuna.
• Check the shops for a wide variety of marinades and spice mixtures to use with fish. And don't forget that old classic – lemon juice, garlic and herbs.
• Have some cans of tuna on hand for quick lunch or supper ideas. A tuna salad sandwich or a tuna and noodle casserole can be ready in no time (just go easy on the mayonnaise).

• Introduce fish and seafood to your children when they are young, so they get into the habit of eating it. And find ways to "hide" it instead of just giving them a piece of fish.
• Choose broiled, grilled or baked fish more often than fried, which is higher in total fat.

Here are some of our favourite fish recipes:
Hake fillets with tomato relish
Fish pie
Potato and fish cakes
Lemon and herb baked fish


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