Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Making family memories

Studies show that eating dinner around the table can significantly improve family life and it gives you quality time with your kids after a busy day.

Make it happen
Make the decision that you will have dinner together as a family and then schedule it like you would any other appointments in your life. Turn off phones, iPads, TVs and any other technology. If dinner won't work on a certain day, try to do breakfast instead.

Make it easy
Plan meals in advance and keep them simple so that family dinner is something to look forward to, not something to stress about. Pre-make meals and get the whole family involved in setting the table and getting everything ready. Get the kids involved in making easy meals like baked potatoes with toppings, salads and omelettes.

Make it fun
The more enjoyable parents make meal times, the more the kids will want to do it. Let the kids choose some of the meals, have picnics outside, at the beach or inside on the floor when the weather is bad. Let your teens put on their favourite music while you eat and show an interest in what they like. Play games at the table and have international evenings where you try a dish from another country and everyone has to share an interesting bit of information about the chosen place.

Make it matter
The table is one of the only places left where families consistently have conversations together. Share stories with your children about your own lives, ask open-ended questions that give your kids an opportunity to talk. Use real-world events to talk to your kids about topics that are important to your family. Tell stories about grandparents and other relatives. Plan activities together.

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