Thursday, 23 November 2017

Are you stressed out?

Stress affects each of us in one way or another and it is your body’s reaction to anything that it perceives to be emotionally disturbing or threatening. Your heart rate increases and your blood pressure goes up, as well as your respiration and pulse rates. Stress can be divided into two categories – good stress and bad stress. Good stress helps you focus, making it easier for you to achieve your goals. Negative stress, on the other hand, can get so severe that people “burn out” as a result, and lose the ability to function normally.

Some signs that you might be stressed out include:
• A lack of happiness, enthusiasm and spontaneity
• Unusual intolerance of people and irritability
• Angry outbursts
• Difficulty concentrating and the inability to make even minor decisions
• Increased use of substances such as alcohol and/or drugs (including prescription drugs)
• Restlessness
• Loss of efficiency at work or school (yes, even children can become stressed out)
• A preoccupation with negative thoughts
• Frequent illness and slow recovery
• Nightmares and persistent disturbing dreams
• Psychosomatic illness, such as an unexplained rash
• Withdrawal from friends and social situations

Some big causes of stress are:
• Death of a spouse or loved one
• Divorce or marriage troubles
• Personal injury or illness or health issues with a loved one
• Marriage
• Being fired or changing your line of work
• Retirement
• Pregnancy
• Sexual difficulties
• Mortgage or loan for a major purpose

Things that can help:
• Meditation • Yoga • Massage • Music • Asking for help • Keeping a journal • Laughing • Having a healthy breakfast • Exercise

Things that can make it worse:

• Smoking • Caffeine • Sugar • Alcohol • Drugs   

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