Thursday, 12 October 2017

Keep moving this weekend

We might eat healthily and go to the gym during the week, but our weekends tend to involve a bit more TV time and a lot more chocolate. You definitely need some chill time, but there are easy ways to keep active as a family. The chilly winter weather might put you off, but unless it's raining, bundle up with scarves, beanies and wellington boots and get moving.
• Go for a walk on the beach.
• Dust off your bikes and go for a ride.
• Play a game of soccer or tennis.
• Take a scenic walk or hike.

These kinds of activities are fun and your children will love them. Plus, when you do settle down on the couch with a slab of chocolate at the end of the day, you can do it guilt-free!

Oh, and we also love making these healthy flapjacks on a Saturday morning.

Have a lovely weekend!

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