Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Healthy eating

"Diet", oh how we hate that word. We all want to be healthier and many of us want to shed a few kilos, but a complete overhaul of the way we eat can be a bit tough to stomach. We are however, always drawn to those lists in magazines that say "swap this for that". Some are just ridiculous because nuts are not, and never will be, chocolate, but some are not too difficult to adapt to. Here are some easier changes you can make to start living a healthier life.

Swap this: Full cream milk
For this: 2% or fat-free milk

Swap this: Milk or white chocolate
For this: Dark chocolate

Swap this: Sugar-coated cereal
For this: Oats, bran or wholegrain cereal

Swap this: White bread and rolls
For this: Wholegrain bread

Swap this: Full-fat, sweetened yoghurt
For this: Low-fat natural yoghurt with fruit

Swap this: Butter and cheese
For this: Fat-free cottage cheese

Swap this: Cream or cheese-based sauces
For this: Tomato-based sauces

A few extras: remove the skin before roasting a chicken, choose lean cuts of meat with little fat, swap 80% of your fruit juice and fizzy drink intake for water, grill or bake instead of fry and use cooking sprays instead of butter or oil.

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