Tuesday, 26 September 2017

3 things to remember after your baby is born

In the excitement and exhaustion that comes with having a new baby, don't forget to put these on your to-do list:

Register your baby

If your hospital doesn't offer this service, you will need to go to your nearest Home Affairs office yourself. Don't forget to take your ID document as well as your baby's clinic card or hospital certificate with you. Register your baby as soon as possible as you usually have to do it within a month of their birth.

Make sure you have a Baby Card
The Road to Health Card or Baby Card is given to a new mom when their baby is born in either a private or state hospital. Babies born elsewhere should also receive a card with their first contact visit with a health service. You need to keep this card safe and present it every time your baby visits the doctor or baby clinic. Doctors and nurses will check the card to see:
• If your child received the necessary immunisations.
• If your child received the necessary vitamin supplements.
• The growth of your child.
• Your child's development according to the milestones for a growing child.

Your six week checkup
After six weeks you should have a checkup to assess your baby's development. Make a list of questions to ask your doctor and never be embarrassed to ask something. Schedule regular visits at your nearest baby clinic to monitor your baby's weight gain.

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