Negotiate with your teen

If you are constantly at loggerheads with your teenager over any number of issues, why not try and compromise in order to promote harmony in your home?
Messy room: If your child agrees to keep their bedroom door closed and remove all dirty plates, cups and saucers, why not relax on the issue of neatness?
Curfew: If you are constantly at war about home time, come to an agreement that over weekends they can stay out for a little longer – provided they stick to their curfew on school nights without complaint.
Loud music: Agree on a couple of "loud" nights each week. The rest of the time they should wear headphones.
Crazy fashion: Agree to disagree on your teenagers fashion sense. Tell them they can wear whatever they like when they're out and about with friends, but ask them to tone it down a bit for family get-togethers.
Housework: Instead of forcing your child to help out with chores, offer them pocket money to do this. This will teach them more about adult life in the real world than a stand-up argument.


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