Live simply

We work hard and play hard filling nearly every moment with activity, but here are some suggestions to simplify your life, so that you have time to enjoy it.

• Don't let any material thing come into your home unless you absolutely love it and want to keep it until it is beyond repair. Too much stuff suffocates you.
• Create a cosy home environment that fits your family. You will find this is much more satisifying than living in a museum designed to impress your friends.
• Limit your children's extracurricular activities to one to three a week, depending on age. Otherwise you will exhaust yourself and your children will grow up addicted to constant stimulation.
• Spend an hour a week away from crowds, traffic and buildings. Three to four hours of "nature time" each week is even better. There is nothing more basic, more simple, than the natural world.
• Practice saying no to those things that don't bring you inner peace and fulfilment. Be vigilant with your time and energy; if you say yes to one thing (like a job promotion), recognise that you are saying no to something else (perhaps more time with family).


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